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Getting Started

Install WPT Monitor 

Following the instructions here

Initial Configuration

Launch the installation script of your site: http://yousite/install.php

After completing the information, click Save. You should then see the following.

Initial Configuration complete

If you want to run install.php again you will need to delete wpt_monitor.sqlite from the ./db/ directory.
Click continue and you should be presented with the login page.

Login / Register

If you enabled registration by checking the Enable Registration checkbox during installation you should see the "Register" link on the login page. If not, you will only be able to log in as the admin user you created during installation.

At this point you can log in as the admin user, or register as a regular user. Admin users have the ability to assume the identity of any user on the system, as well as add new hosts, locations, and modify the configuration.

Let's register as a new user. Click Register, and fill in your information.

Click Register

Log in as the newly created user