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  • Enable/Disable user account
  • User selectable time zone
  • Super Admin accounts
  • Ability to limit the number of job submissions per month


  • Enable/Disable Job
  • Multiple alerts per job
  • WebPage Test options supported
    • First view only
    • Capture video
    • Number of runs
    • Location
  • Select which run to capture data from
  • Frequency of job submission
  • Option to download xmlResult file
  • Option to download all data and images


  • Supports WebPagetest scripts ( Navigation Script )
  • Optional Data Script
    • Allows such things as random date generation, random selection from a list, etc.
      • Example Data Script:
        $(date_out_day) = RANDOM_NUMBER(1,28)
        $(length_of_stay) = RANDOM_NUMBER(1,10)
        $(date_out_month) = RANDOM_FUTURE_MONTH(1,3)
        $(destination) = RANDOM_TEXT(ORL`MIA`DFW`CHI`MEL`MCY)
      • A corresponding Navigation script that uses the tokens
        logData 0
        navigate http://www.zuji.com.au/site/travel/hotels/
        setValue id=city $(destination)
        selectValue id=checkInDay $(date_out_day)
        selectValue id=checkInMonth $(date_out_month) 
        selectValue id=lengthOfStay $(length_of_stay)
        logData 1
        submitForm name=hotels_search
      • The tokens can also be used in the URL field like so
    • Data created in the data script can be used as replacement of tokens in the URL and Navigation Script
  • Multi Step
    • This selection has been removed after version 0.3. When you have a script driven test that navigates across multiple pages, selecting this option will cause the values for each measurement to be summed up. Versions after 0.3 auto detect multi step/sequence jobs and calculate the Sum as well as add an entry to the results for each step in the sequence.
  • Validation
  • Authentication


  • Sort and filter results
  • View log entry
  • Display thumbnails and/or waterfalls inline with results
  • Manually refresh results
  • Link directly to WebPagetest result page


  • Multiple email addresses
  • Threshold for alert
  • Alert on Response Time
    • Time to first byte
    • Start render
    • Document loaded
    • Fully loaded
    • Dom time
  • Alert on Response code
    • 404
    • 500
    • 503
    • etc.
  • Alert on validation code
    • Valid
    • Invalid
    • Needs review


  • Graph multiple jobs
    • TTFB
    • Start Render
    • Doc Time
    • Dom Time
    • Doc Time - Dom Time
    • Fully loaded
  • First or repeat view
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Percentile filter


  • Download raw data


  • Create dated change notes
  • Notes appear on graph at the indicated date


  • View status of each WebPagetest Agent
    • Host
    • ID
    • Label
    • Browser
    • Jobs in Queue
    • High Priority jobs
    • Low Priority jobs


  • Multiple WebPagetest Hosts


  • Automatic Locations configuration

Folders and Shares

  • Create folders for storing Jobs, Scripts, Alerts, and Change notes.
  • Share folders with other users with permissions of read, update, create, and/or execute